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Galileos Dialogue Title PageGalileo Galilei’s Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems (by Giovanni Landini)


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Preparation for Authentic Dialogue

Connect to the Energy of the Beauty of the Need:

  1. Identify the observation/stimulus that you want to communicate about.
  2. Follow the stimulus to identifying the need, to resting in the beauty of the need. a) Self-empathize with any thinking, judgments, feelings or other needs as they arise in relation to entering into the beauty of the need. b) Enter into the living energy of this need, feel it alive within you.
  3. Say aloud, the beauty of the need expressing your sense and value of it in terms of your emotions and the felt sense of your body.
  4. Sense and guess what need might have been alive in the other person. Recognize they were trying to meet a need in what you observed. Feel the beauty in their need.
  5. Say aloud the beauty of the need you are guessing is alive in them and what it feels like in your emotions and the felt sense of your body.

Set a Clear Intention to Connect:

  1. Intend to connect with each other’s authenticity without any other outcome in mind (for change or to fix anything). You might say, “I want to reveal (share/express) the fullness of my feelings and needs so the other person receives it in their heart and I want to hear, feel and receive theirs in my heart so we can mutually enjoy each others feelings and needs.”
  2. Say aloud your intention to connect and what this intention feels like in your body and emotions.

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