Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB)

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CNVC Trainer Sarah Peyton – Open Coaching Day at KU

Your Resonant Self by Sarah Peyton | W. W. Norton & Company

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Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) is the integrated field of study of what brains do in relationship. It brings together Psychology, Attachment Research, Cognitive and Social Neuroscience and Complexity Theory to create a synthesized understanding of self and other. Daniel Siegel is the primary figure in this field. (

Working with cutting-edge neuroscience research, IPNB is in a continual state of development and integration, supporting people to have a clear and compassionate understanding of themselves in the world and in their histories, both as individual humans and as mammals. As people learn about themselves with resonance and understanding, they are freed to find their own way to healing and the natural expression of who they were born to be. The essence of this work is to learn to resonate with ourselves and others so that our foundational and generous selves are unearthed from implicit entanglements and supported to be as integrated and complex as we are supposed to be.

9 Main ways our brains integrate as we do this healing work:

  • Integration of Presence
  • Vertical Integration (body and mind, self-regulation, choice)
  • Horizontal Integration (left and right hemispheres)
  • Integration of Memory (emotional and factual memory)
  • Narrative Integration (the stories we tell and the sense we make of them)
  • State Integration (moving toward living in emotional states that are easier on us)
  • Temporal Integration (finding ourselves in time)
  • Interpersonal Integration
  • Transpirational Integration

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