Handy Handouts

Giraffe in the Mikumi National Park, Tanzania
(Courtesy of Muhammad Mahdi Karim)

Handy Handouts

Feelings &Values/Needs Lists:

Feelings & Values/Needs




Universal Needs Geometry

Printable Feelings/Needs List

Naturalizing NVC Language:

Dian Killian’s Streetify-NVC

Miki Kashtan’s Colloquial-Giraffe &

Naturalizing the Language of NVC
(10 pages via gift economy)


Additional Tools:

Self-Connection Process (SCP)

Mary Mackenzie’s Daily Need Meditation

ZENVC Journal

ZENVC – Communication-Flow-Chart


Hart’s  Communication Flow Chart

Radical Compassion ~

Self-Assessment Matrix

Three Layers of Empathy [PDF]

Mediate Your Life: Enemy Image Process

Translating Faux Feelings

François Beausoleil:  Dissolving Enemy Images

Jeff Brown:  Working with Enemy Images

Mediate-Your-Life (Handouts) – Mourn, Celebrate, Learn (MCL)

Kate Raffin’s Giraffe and Jackal Journal [PDF]

Flowers, Tears & Lightbulbs [PDF]

“Any grieving we don’t do stiffens our hearts and shuts us away from fully engaging with life.”

Miki KashtanThe Little Book of Courageous Living


ZENVC — The Ongo Book & Handouts

The Fearless HeartResources (Core Commitments)

Oren Jay SoferSay What You Mean: Resources & Blog

Work Collaboratively — Learning Resources

Radical Compassion — Handouts

Matrix | Pathways to Liberation [PDF]

Inner Relationship FocusingOur Library

Choose Connection – Forgiveness-Process

Using Natural Language


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