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“I would like to suggest that when our heads are filled with judgments and analyses that others are bad, greedy, irresponsible, lying, cheating, polluting the environment, valuing profit more than life, or behaving in other ways they shouldn’t, very few of them will be interested in our needs. If we want to protect the environment, and we go to a corporate executive with the attitude, “You know, you are really a killer of the planet, you have no right to abuse the land in this way,” we have severely impaired our chances of getting our needs met. It is a rare human being who can maintain focus on our needs when we are expressing them through images of their wrongness.” – Dr. Marshall Rosenberg


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Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD. 1934 – 2015

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Positive News:  Peacemaker Marshall Rosenberg Leaves Lasting Legacy of Nonviolent Communication

“A dedicated teacher, peacemaker and charismatic visionary, over his lifetime Rosenberg led NVC workshops and intensive trainings for thousands of people in over 60 countries.”

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A Definition of NVC:

The purpose of Nonviolent Communication is to strengthen our ability to inspire compassion from others and to respond compassionately to others and ourselves in order to create a quality of connection with others in which everyone’s needs are equally valued and met through natural giving.  This approach to communication emphasizes compassion  rather than fear, guilt, shame or coercion as the motivation  for action. It is about getting what you want for reasons  you will not regret later. With these processes, you can  empower yourself to make conscious, responsible choices, so others will hear the way you want to be heard.

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