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Origin Stories (Theoretical Underpinnings)

What’s Up Next? (Mark calendars for next telepractice group: Sunday, July 1, at 8 pm/ET) Sunday, June 3, 2018 ~ Origin Stories Credit:  John Liu Inquiry:  How have you integrated your own ‘origin stories’ — whether it be a religious/philosophical … Continue reading

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Discovering Tripwires (“News as a Spiritual Opportunity”)

What’s Up Next? Sunday, October 1, 2017  ~ Discovering Tripwires: News as a Spiritual Opportunity Daniel R. Blume via Wikimedia Commons   “History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul.”  Lord Acton  Inquiry:  How do you … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugs? & The Power of Outrospectio

What’s Up Next? August 6, 2017 ~ Atlas Shrugs? The Power of Outrospection Inquiry: How does your awareness of the living-energy of needs factor into your practice of nonviolence more broadly, such as with social change agency (i.e. how might it be utilized … Continue reading

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