Giraffe Communion Spot

NVC for public empathy, requests & supportmurchison_falls_giraffe

Origin Story of NVC’s @StreetGiraffe Motif

Other NVC Learning Venues


Center for Nonviolent Communication:

Learn NVC via Trainings & Practice Groups

See also:  International Intensive Trainings

Kate Raffin Journals

Courtesy of Marianne Van Dijk – Cup of Empathy/YouTube Channel

Practice Groups | The Center for Nonviolent Communication

Online practice groups | CNVC

NVC Facebook Group – NVCa for public empathy, requests & support

Meetup – Nonviolent Communication Practice Groups

NVC Research | Nonviolent Communication


Image result for nvc focuses on two questions
Institute for Mindfulness

See also:

Street Giraffe | Experiments with Truth

Mediate Ones Life’s Consultations


Free NVC Resources

Radical Compassion – Pathways to Liberation Matrix

Miki Kashtan’s Core Commitments

Miki Kashtan’s Free/Gift-Economy Teleseminars

Sarah Peyton’s Teleseminars

NVC Academy‘s Free Teleseminar

ZENVC‘s Ongo Book


About Street Giraffes

Street Giraffes Telepractice Group
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